About the Company:

Sima Sazeh Yazd Engineering Company was established with the aim of creating a collection of creative, knowledge-base, value-oriented, and development-oriented with a dynamic enterprise environment in 1997 and started its professional career in 2007 in the provision of services study and monitoring on water transfer projects and irrigation under the pressure systems in Yazd province and now using experienced staff includes specialists, professors, experts, and active youth in the fields of consoling and water and building contractors with obtaining and promotion qualification certificates from department of strategic monitoring and planning president is now serving in province of Yazd, Fars, Kerman, and Alborz.

So that Sima Sazeh Yazd Company got the honor of top consultants and contractors from Housing and Urban Development and Agriculture Organization of Yazd in 2011, the first designer and operator the industrial system of tunnel mold in the province by using EPC method in mass housing projects and providing numerous scientific articles in reputable domestic and foreign community and we are very proud to be in the field of foreign trade, by importing the quality products for equipping the building and water projects. Goals of Sima Sazeh Yazd Company are as follow:

  1. Accountability for projects and satisfaction of employers,
  2. Increase the speed in carrying out projects by using modern industrial materials
  3. Upgrade the quality of work by using knowledge, the scientific level and using the last modern technologies.
  4. The import of technology from developed company and production of goods in order to self-sufficiency.

Therefore, we can rely on the ability and experience of the engineering team to ensure that projects were achieved with superior quality and lowest risks.

Building Unit:

Activities of this unis are monitoring on the implementation of all the units and residential complexes and commercial buildings, official buildings, industrial and factories, communications centers, postal automation and buildings related to city services and certain military buildings, this section monitor, study, do research and monitor the design and construct the above-mentioned building and examine the quality of structures on the basis of defined standards will also be examined. All services in this section are as follows:

  • Study, consulting, design and monitoring on the construction and operation of residential building, office, industrial, telecommunications, postal and urban service centers and military buildings,
  • Seismic Retrofitting for residential and historical buildings,
  • Monitoring, consultation and implementation of infrastructure projects and air conditioning of buildings,
  • completing, equipment and developing real estate projects,
  • completing the building construction, interior and exterior architecture design of building


In fact, EPC (Engineering/ Procurement/ Construction) it can simply be interpreted to the engineering, procurement and Construction and Implementation. Another name that is considered equivalent to the turn key project. In such projects, all engineering activities for the doing project from the design & engineering stage to supplying & final construction are duties of consulting engineers and contractors, but EPC contracts not limited for the same content.

It is not that if we know the principles of engineering, procurement and implementation, then we can run the project as EPC. We also cannot implement EPC by put three different source engineering, procurement and implementation. Certainly, this issue, is deeper and beyond the juxtapose of these three words.

It should be emphasized that the combination of operations, manage, delivery on time by predicted cost and by considering risks within each contract, there is no concept except management along with all qualitative and quantitative equipment.

The cause of Proceed labor market to EPC contracts:

The first reason is employer makes sure about the final price and the exact time of the finishing project. As the private capital is stated in running the finance, certainly EPC type contracts should be used. One of the cases in which there is in EPC, avoid the filth responsibilities and division of labor.

Primarily in EPC type contracts, the responsibility is required from an institution, in other words, the responsibility is not separated. Consequently, responsibility in the performance, testing & efficiency, equipment completely are consultant and contractor’s duties. In our country, the lack of company that can work in this way is considered as a major problems. There are few companies also have the appropriate financial resources in three different areas of engineering (E), provision (P), and construction (C) has sufficient experience. Basically, the profit of these project is related to experience and capabilities in the area of the above 3 cases and high risk that the local companies do not have this feature.

If consulting engineers and contractors Sima Sazeh from the first step starting the project that the preparation & supplying the justifying investment project until feasibility report

Until at the time of operation and also having a unique capability in the commercial department, providing the required articles from anywhere inside and outside the country and even if it is necessary for selling, this department cooperate with employer in advertising and selling.  Therefore, providing the required articles from Iran and other countries and it is necessary and announced by employer, this department cooperates with employer in advertising and selling. Therefore, we can rely to the ability and experience of Sima Sazeh Co that can finished the projects with better quality, the lowest risk, and time period.

Tunnel Formwork Method:

Population growth in recent years and today young people’s need to housing on the one hand and urban development to the metropolis on the other hand cause to strategic planning and policy in order to solve the housing problems. Mass constructing in the traditional system and industrialization is the main ahead strategies and various industrialization method has been revealed base on expertise idea and practical experience in recent decades.

Tunnel formwork method is efficient method due to some criteria such as reduce the time, reduce costs, and improve quality and security staff and other benefits based on practical experience of this company. On the other hand, the poor design with poor management of project, despite the advantages of this method, can be have inappropriate results and a lot of costs due to the high initial investment is very high and this method failed.

In contrast, the use of up to date methods of design, using the engineering views toward to the design and modulation, using skilled labors, time and cost management plays an important role in the success of the project. This issue about advantages of Tunnel framework system and provide step by step the experience and operational structures in the format of method.

The results show that the time and expense management, proper design and use of expertise and use from the others experiences are impressive in the economic and social consequences of these projects despite the current problems of society, through inflation, short-term decisions, and lack of stability.

Water Unit:

Activities of this unit are as follows:

  1. Studies the water supply and drainage includes identified and finding the places sources of water supply, design of water pipelines and drainage and water networks and collecting towns surface water, purification place, pumping stations and water tanks,
  2. Studies on Irrigation and Drainage: Studies on irrigation and drainage includes examining water and soil potential, designing  main & subsidiary drainage networks and  underground drainage networks, assess the status of sub-evaluate ground water the potential for harvesting and artificial feeding,
  3. Irrigation studies under pressure,
  4. monitoring on the operations of the above-mentioned fields of study includes monitoring on operations in the areas of water and drainage, irrigation and drainage and watershed, the above-mentioned studies have done  by active clerks in the field of specialized studies occurs:
  • Meteorological Studies,
  • Hydrological studies,
  • Population studies,
  • Geological and geotechnical studies,
  • Seism tectonics studies and analysis the risk of earthquake,
  • Social studies and agricultural economics and studies of agricultural base,
  • Biological Studies,
  • Structural and Geotechnical studies,

Commercial Unit:

The increasing growth of world trade, indicate the importance of partnerships and the need of all over the world countries to global trade. In other words, in today’s world, no country is needless of global trade and therefore absolute self-sufficiency cannot be objective. As we see today, todays, all countries do great efforts to increase its share in the global market.  In this market, free competitive conditions is dominated.

One of the crucial issues in Sima Sazeh Engineer Company is cooperation in commercial activities due to the importance of this issue in this company, commercial department were organized. Mutual cooperation commercial department with water, building, elevator and other departments in the field of preparing  the required spare parts, import technology and make native it, earning and creating the field for units partnership along with creation healthy environment for internal competition, the importance of programming were increased in this department.

According to the company engineers Sima sazeh enters in the competitive domestic and export markets and competition intensified in recent years as well as to the company’s mission to create maximum profitability so it is necessary to manage the commercial activities based on strategic vision, the more sense. In this regard, the company engineers Sima sazeh review the import and export strategies in 1393 and plan outlook of this company for the next 5 years.

The mission statement and 5-year outlook Commercial Department of Sima Sazeh Engineer Company.

  • Expanding the domestic and overseas commercial activities in line with the general policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran,
  • Access to proper rank among the top companies in the field of business in the Middle East with a position of  international company in the field of commercial,
  • Expanding commercial & economic partnership with private sector and such as increase the volume of transactions in terms of volume and value, increase the variety of products, development of suppliers resource and contribute to the dynamism and growth of human resources, technical knowledge and financial ability of domestic companies with commercial interests,

Commercial Department strategies of Sima Sazeh engineers Co

  • Increase the share of the domestic market through penetration in market and development of the company product,
  • Log in import and export markets with a focus on neighboring and European countries,
  • Increase the productivity of labor and capital
  • Focus on risk management,
  • Enter a European technology in the field of water, building and elevator,
  • make native the imported technology from European countries,

Methods of acquiring technology in a country are in two methods: the country must be endogenous or by using internal investigations and experience the entire process of creating a technology, from laboratory research and semi-industrial stage to industrial stages completely in the country or transfer a technology from a country that already has got the technology before.

Each of these two methods, needs to special mechanisms in terms of training, research, and macro-management. For developing countries,  that have the high gap technology with the leading countries, creating endogenous technology is time-consuming and costly task, which is usually due to lack of required structures for research results cause to  waste of human and financial costs and exponentially increased the gap with the developed countries; our new products and processes is offered to the market. Therefore, except in special cases, such as the new opportunities arising from some revolutionary developments in the field of science or technology, there is a possibility with the global flow technology.

In other cases, endogenous development of technology to developing countries is difficult and in some cases leads to a waste of time and money. There is another way to access to technology in developing countries, the purchase and transfer of technology from developed countries.

In this regard, Consulting Engineers company of  Sima Sazeh imports the required products of this company for their internal projects and in importing agricultural products, irrigation, building, elevator from prestigious Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and Turkish company.

These measures to promote business relations with European countries and facilitate in transfer of technology in these countries, as a result, access to required technical knowledge about the needs of society and industry with the aim of self-sufficiency has been implemented.

The commercial department of the company is proud to announce that the commercial department can buy   the required articles in the field of water supply projects,

Building, agriculture, and its elevator in his early two years’ experience  and sign & sealed domestic and foreign contracts without intermediaries with prestigious European companies and manufacturers and suppliers of goods in different parts of Europe and Asia, and can to expand its business activities.

It also has added until now different components & equipment in the fields of agriculture, irrigation, building and elevator has been imported for domestic projects from countries like China, Turkey, Spain, Korea and Japan.

European and Asian companies under contract with sima sazeh engineers Co:

  • Exclusive representative of elevators and escalators GOLD STAR in South Korea,
  • Exclusive representative cabin & door elevator ADEMSAN Turkey in Iran,
  • representative elevator rails SUPERSAVERA Spain in Yazd and Kerman,
  • representative of Company GUSTAV WOLF China,