Gallery of Water Projects

Irrigation plan under the pressure of green space – gardens and drinking water for a project of 2000 hectares of Kosar
Employer: Yazd Kowsar Institute

Water transfer project of Yazd wastewater treatment plant (concrete channel) with a length of 5000 meters
Location of project: Fars, Abadeh, Dareh Izad

Green Witnesses (Khatam)

Location of project: Taft Morteza  Employer: Mr. loghavi

Location of project: Khatam, Herat  Employer: Mr. Hasani


Drip irrigation project of Haj Ali Heidari Project (Khatam city)


Location of project: Mehriz, Gherkouh Employer: Mr. Khorasani

Implementation of Low-Pressure Irrigation Project: Behobad, Asfiq Employer: Mr. Ahmad Ranjbar Asfiqi’s custody of 203 hectares