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Pranic Cure I

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Pranic Remedy by means of G Kumar (c) 2001

Pranic Cure Portion I – An Arrival

Pranic Treatment is an selection method of Medications having cure with the
Common Flow of Awareness, the Cosmic Prana.

Pranic Cure can be effectuated by way of appropriate working experience of the psycho-
actual physical organism, actual physical and psychological willpower and opening all our
channels toward the Cosmic Prana. This is by natural means effected within 7 ways

The 7 Levels of Pranic Treatment

1. Practical experience of the Psychosomatic System
2. Law of Slumber, meals & Health and fitness
3. Leisure
4. Attunement in the direction of Biorythms ( Circadian Rhythms, Sunshine & Lunar Rhythms )
5. Getting rid of psychological blocks ( Not possible thanks towards Repression )
6. Conquering Prajnaparadha ( Fault of Information owing towards misuse of our
cognitive & conative options)
7. Opening the approach in the direction of the Cosmic Prana ( Opening all channels towards the
Divine Shakti )


With the introduction of immediate industrialization, urbanization and the
breakdown of relatives existence following the Instant World wide War, social
daily life within the West turned annoying & tense. The unfold of
materialistic Options and beliefs and the erosion of religion within just Morality
& the Regulation Divine & the social disturbance prompted via the Vietnam
War introduced a really feel of futility & meaninglessness within just the Western
psyche.The constraints of the Western method of chemotherapy
& negative facet-repercussions of antibiotics, sedatives and confident other
medication and the disillusionment with the statements of science &
technological know-how generated hundreds of thousands transform in direction of Oriental philosophies, divine
patterns & programs of procedure.

The solution against the Orient was benevolent. Favoured by way of the
social revolution that swept for the duration of lots of international locations within the West
within the 1960s, Those people nations around the world, particularly the US, arrived in direction of be
flooded with Authorities and Yogis. Yoga, TM, Reiki – all realized
worldwide-broad level of popularity.

A few Progressive Actions

As a byproduct 3 impressive actions arrived into remaining.
They are Neo-humanisn, interreligious conversation and Holistic
Physical fitness. The phrase ‘Neo-humanism’ refers towards a very simple big difference
within innovative male’s state of mind versus himself and his fellowmen
which is characterized as a result of

a) the reputation of the crucial goodness of gentleman
b) attention upon existential situations
c) attempting for superior transcendental knowledge.

The contribution of Ramakrishna Circulation in direction of inter-religion conversation
was huge. Other actions which includes Maharshi Global
College or university & Self Realisation Fellowship contributed in direction of this big difference
inside of the human frame of mind.

Holistic Fitness

Holistic Fitness refers towards a ground sentimentally yours breaking stream which regards conditioning as
a dynamic nation of the volume human remaining. Despite the fact that the signs or symptoms of
a sickness may possibly be uncovered inside absolutely sure tissues or organs, exercise is not a
mere removing of these kinds of indications through the procedure of the impacted
tissues or organs, nevertheless a place of multidimensional knowledge,
in accordance in the direction of this look at. The thoughts, physique & atmosphere are
inside of a place of dynamic conversation & the repair of this conversation
within just an most place of functionality is what physical fitness signifies. Within other
terms ” Towards be healthful is towards contain the electricity towards reside with comprehensive
seek the services of of our colleges and be vigorous, notify & delighted in direction of be alive,
even inside of aged age, inspite of an occasional bout of disorder.” This
” operational exercise” is made up of been explained as health. It is a truly feel
of all-spherical properly-remaining as contrasted with disorder. .

The most significant characteristic of holistic fitness is its reputation of the
purpose performed as a result of brain in just fitness. ” Thoughts is omnipotent ” claimed
Freud & he experienced detailed that the Subconscious performed a primary part
inside producing positive disorders which arrived in the direction of be mentioned as
psychosomatic illnesses. He seemed on the Subconscious
chiefly as the repository of damaging thoughts. His early disciple
Carl Jung expanded the thought of the Subconscious in direction of crank out
it include things like Excellent thoughts and even religious urges. Adler,
a different disciple of Freud confirmed that the moi may perhaps modify
subconscious conduct.

The connecting connection amongst the overall body and thoughts was not distinct. The
operate of the Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye introduced the substantially
demanded connecting hyperlink. Within just his regular hard work ” The Worry of Lifetime ”
Selye confirmed that psychological anxiety was the root result in of handful of designs
of well known condition these as hypertension, hyperacidity and so on. The
‘stressor’ (the initial resource of strain ) excites the hypothalamus within
the mind. This important organ which controls the autonomic fearful course of action
activates the pituitary toward secrete the tension hormone ( acknowledged as ACTH )
which stimulates the secretion of many hormones and steroids
(together with the very well identified, adrenaline or epinephrine). Further more sugar is
launched into the blood & BP is enhanced as a final result of People improvements.
In accordance toward Selye, anxiety is inevitable within just everyday living. ( The psychological
middle in just the thoughts, every time dissatisfied, stimulates the oxintic cells towards secrete
even further hydrochloric acid within just the tummy which potential customers towards hyperacidity.)
Although it goes past a confident patience point ( which differs towards
specific in direction of specific ) the procedure breaks down ensuing inside of sickness.

In the direction of the medical think about of entire body-thoughts interrelationship offered earlier mentioned,
guaranteed refreshing thoughts had been excess. 1 was the concept that if damaging
thoughts may possibly induce ailment, absolutely sure thoughts can lead to “wellbeing”.
The consideration of healthcare specialists & the creativeness of the community was
captured by way of this superior concept at the time Organic Cousins, editor of
Saturday Evaluate, penned a convincing account of his restoration
versus a debilitating & incurable condition of the connective tissue.
The affected individual’s knowledge of the condition & his busy participation
within the restoration technique was showcased by means of his situation.

The highest impossible and debatable section of holistic exercise is one more
principle that via coming up with suitable know-how inside of himself guy may perhaps
conditioning a positive diploma of voluntary handle about the therapeutic
treatments having spot inside his entire body. The moment the aftermath of Pavlov’s
demonstration of conditioned reflexes, a further Russian scientist
K M Bykov and his colleagues confirmed within just 1924 that number of
involuntary methods these kinds of as law of system warm, center rhythm,
output of urine, BP and so forth which had been mediated by means of the autonomic
worried method may well be introduced below voluntary manage. The about
obtaining was corroborated later on throughout scientific studies done upon
pets down below ‘operant’ (voluntary)health. Thousands of people today
identified contribute to that they might provide less than manage their center rhythm, mind
waves and many others with the support of the biofeedback approach. Indian Yogis
inside of the West as well confirmed that they could possibly adjust metabolic value,
heartbeat, human body climate etcetera quickly as a result of their will ability, devoid of
the hire of any biofeedback resources.

Extra content with regards to Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be
experienced towards

Holistic conditioning practioners invaded the scene at this juncture.
They confirmed that not basically confident organs yet the operating of the entire
course of action these types of as the digestive method, the respiration approach, circulatory
process and many others ( regarded as the Courses strategy ) may well be controlled very easily
through modifying one particular’s daily life-design & affinities. It was explained that even
health conditions these as most cancers could possibly be remedied or retained inside of monitor be coming up with
potent religion & the immediately model of awareness.Regardless of the exaggeration
and the propaganda which accompanied these types of says, the simple principle
that guy can consciously take care of involuntary and unseen physiolo-
gical procedures arrived in direction of be permitted as a truth through the health-related

Distinctive meditation secrets which include Transcendental Meditation, Zen,
Yoga were being getting distinguished in just the West in just people times. Aside versus
the religious positive aspects, (In just Transcendental Meditation, the everyday living of
a fourth large place of Awareness identified as Transcendental
Recognition was proved via Dr Keith Wallace within his Phd Thesis )
hassle-free Yoga academics confirmed that Meditation much too generated other
lucrative implications these kinds of as decline of anxiety, cutting down of BP,
peace of muscle tissues, enhance of emphasis & effort and hard work functionality
& even enhance of immunological resistance toward ailments. As a
end result, some style of Meditation contains turn out to be an crucial aspect of
utmost holistic exercise programmes.( Dr Harold Bloomfied states that
TM can be applied as an adjunct toward fixie bikes psychiatric train.)

The results of Acupuncture, herbology and many others which arrived in direction of be
known as ‘ Decision Medication ” , lent significantly service toward
the holistic exercise level. 2 Good discoveries bolstered
this situation. 1 was the discovery of ‘organic clocks’ within
mother nature and the everyday living of biorhythms inside the human overall body. The
other discovery was that the intellect built positive neuro-
modulators identified as endorphins which include the residence of
doing away with soreness. The output of this kind of organic painkillers is
impressed via our concerns and endorphins are built the moment
our EEG thoughts waves are within an alpha country ( 8.5 cycles for each sec).

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