Quality and policy guidelines

Sima Sazeh Yazd Company started its activities in the field of study, monitoring and implementation of new irrigation and drainage projects, as well as building aggregation in 2007, and is now determined to use quality management systems in all organizational processes with the use of management systems.

The company, having established ISO 9001 Quality Management System, has committed its employees to the implementation of quality policy and quality guideline, and has set the following objectives for its activities:

  • Increasing customer and employer satisfaction by identifying needs and meeting their potential and actual needs at all stages of the value chain,

Increasing sales and market share of the company by focusing on the marketing and sales processes and brand development of the organization as one of the key success factors,

  • Efficient management of resources and financing methods required by the organization through its diversification and timely and optimal provision,
  • Reducing the runtime and cost of company projects within the framework of the project plans by improving the level of knowledge of project management and the use of modern technologies in the implementation of projects,
  • Adherence of project quality to the standards defined by the organization through continuous control at all stages of the value chain and focus on satisfaction of stakeholders,
  • Environmental protection at all stages of design, construction and operation,
  • Improve the level of occupational safety and health by developing a culture of health and safety, training staff and contractors, and providing the necessary infrastructure,
  • Promoting the culture of participation in the organization through the development of participatory governance and support for collective thinking and group decisions in order to synergy between the owners of thought and experience,
  • Increasing the level of satisfaction of the level of motivation of the organization’s human capital through the promotion of technical and skill knowledge, providing a suitable platform for creativity and development of human resource projects,
  • Enhanced organization agility by continuously improving business processes, monitoring and reviewing how processes are implemented, and optimizing the use of IT tools in this area with the aim of enhancing organizational productivity.

The continuous improvement of the organization’s quality management system is achieved through annual focusing on a number of quality policy clauses, annual targeting of indicators, and the adoption of appropriate tools for monitoring and evaluating its continuing performance and implementation of required improvement projects.