quality management system

General description of the system
Sima Sazeh Yazd Company has created, documented, implemented and maintained a quality management system to achieve its quality objectives and meet its customers’ requirements as well as the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 editing. By using the quality policy cycle, the goals Quality, audit results, data analysis, corrective and preventive measures, and management reviews improve its effectiveness continuously.
Sima Sazeh Yazd Company continuously establishes the required quality management system processes in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 through the “Management and Improvement Process (XM13)” and as a system for ensuring the conformity of the product (service) with Designed, created, maintained and maintained requirements have been met and continuously improve its effectiveness in accordance with standard requirements.
In the quality management system of the company, the regulations, processes, executive procedures, guidelines and forms are prepared, developed and implemented and in order to maintain, enhance and ensure the improvement of the effectiveness of the system, the following actions are taken in relation to the processes of the organization.
Identify the processes required to run the system and identify and describe their application throughout the organization. (Processes include customer relationship processes, warehousing process, measurement process, analysis and improvement, purchase process, process control of records and records, management process, HR process, resource management process)
  • Determining the sequence and interaction of processes in the form of a process chart that is considered in the annex to the regulations.
  • Identifying and determining the indicators of measurement and monitoring of each process is carried out in order to ensure the effectiveness of the operations and their control and is indicated in the identification of the index.
  • The results of each monitoring, measurement, and analysis process are presented and reported as periodic reports of each process, taking into account the trends in the index control form to the management.
  • To achieve the results defined in the quality policy, goals and continuous improvement, the relevant operational plans are defined and the identified opportunities and projects are implemented in accordance with the continuous improvement process.
  • The processes of the organization are designed to ensure that all activities affecting the quality of the services are covered and, in accordance with relevant documentation, ensure that all performance and control activities are carried out in accordance with the control plans.

Sima Sazeh Yazd Company is constantly working to ensure the availability of the resources required by the system, including human resources, buildings and workplaces, equipment, software facilities and information required by the “management and improvement (XM13)” process. Determines the provision and management of these resources. A full description of how this section of the system functions in Chapter 6.

The company also undertakes this work for the care, measurement, and analysis of the quality system processes using the measurement and analysis procedure (PM04), a full description of which is given in Chapter 8.
Finally, the company is doing its systematic work through the “management and improvement” process to achieve quality goals and continuously improve the quality system processes. The full description of these activities is also given in Chapter 8.
Documentation of Quality Management System:
The documentation of the quality system of Sima Sazeh Yazd Company is divided into two main categories of outsourcing and internal organization.
The documentation of the quality management system is classified and documented according to the following pattern:
1) Quality Policy:
The overall goals and orientations of the organization in terms of quality, as announced officially by the CEO.
2) Quality Code :
A document certifying the quality management system of Sima Sazeh.
3) Operating procedures and operating instructions:

A: Method of execution: The method specified for performing a process or activity

B: Work instructions: A detailed and detailed description of a particular activity

4) Records:

A document that expresses the results or evidence from the activities.

System document control:

Including controlling the procurement, approval, distribution, and maintenance of in-house documents and identifying and controlling external documents, is described extensively in the PM01 control method.

It is worth noting that only the documents bearing the green stamp are validated and have a performance guarantee, as well as the planned procedure for the preparation and modification of the document after the final audit and registration of the system.

Control system records

The control of the records created from the performance of the activities and processes of the quality system is described in the method of executing control of records (PM01).

Document control activities and records control are also a subset of the Management and Improvement Process (XM13), whose identity card is included in the Quality Management System Annexes.